Jun 1, 2014

Net Neutrality

Wow! Have you ever considered broad band providers causing this issue? I remember a time before "unlimited" text, data, etc. plans were available via our cell phone carriers. I was teenager in high school and ran up the cell phone bill due to my constant texting - this was a time when we were charged for incoming and outgoing text messages. It never dawned on me that our internet providers, some of which are the same as our cell phone providers, could very well charge us based on our internet usage (not for home/personal computers anyway, that's just the case for cell phones…right?).

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May 20, 2013

Light Bulb Moment

You know what I realize? I don't like blogging. loL! Everyone says you need to have a blog to keep your audience engaged with your work and yes, I do believe that that is true. I read so many blogs because they keep me engaged with their updated content; but I don't like to blog! So does that mean I need to change who I am to engage my "target market?" Some people might say, YES! Others may say no. I say follow me on Instagram! loL :p @ninagracee

Jan 28, 2013

Mixtape Monday

Yep, it's time to wake up again. The start of a brand new week. Enjoy...

1. Arrival of the birds - The Cinematic Orchestra
2. Moments in love - Art of Noise
3. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
4. Like the sea - Alicia Keys 
5. Love - Destiny's Child
6.  5iliconeater - Calvin Harris
7. I need love - Robin Thicke
8. No. 1 - Michel Legrand

Jan 27, 2013

Wanderlust // Travel Guide // Montreal

When I was planning my trip to Montreal I had to figure out where we would stay. It's important to me that whenever on vacation I stay in a place that is located in a good neighborhood, budget friendly, and situated within walking distance to cafes/restaurants and/or shopping. I am a huge fan of Hilton's Embassy Suites because they are always fairly priced and usually located in popular safe areas within a city. In addition to that they offer hot buffet cooked to order breakfast with the purchase of your room and they have a great happy hour (who doesn't love good drinks!)

To the Embassy Suites we went...

 We literally walked everywhere from this place. There was a Starbucks at the end of the block, The Notre Dame cathedral right around the corner, a fifteen minute walk from the popular "Old Montreal" in one direction and a ten to fifteen minute walk to all the shopping I could handle in the other direction! Plus the hot breakfast and complimentary drinks! Loved it! 

REWIND // 2006

It was the summer of 2006 when we took our first family vaca to the Florida Keys (Key West). The beaches were beautiful, the sand felt like plush carpet under my feet - and I wanted to go parasailing so badly! I was sixteen and not really too much of a daredevil. No one wanted to join me on my venture so on the ground I stayed. I think it was during this particular trip when I realized tourist areas weren't really my thing. As much as I enjoyed the beach and Duval street - it was just a tourist trap as far as I was concerned.

We'd been recommended to go to a particular restaurant down there called, Blue Heaven. Here we go to another local attraction. We sit down, open our menus and realize nothing on the menu suits us (nothing against the food there, I'm sure it is quite delicious), nothing about that place suited our personalities. It just was another attraction. My dad made the decision to leave and find some place else to eat. Yes! No more walking along the path with trails of bright lights reading "tourists enter here!" We ended up finding some trailer of a diner with a porch decked in rocking chairs that served your food through a window. Not very classy, but very much SoFlo (South Florida). A locally owned diner serving fish, chicken, shrimp, and other food I don't recall.

One thing about my parents that I will always admire is their sincerity in getting to know people, getting to know people for no other reason other than having a genuine interest in others. Having a conversation with another human being because it's a part of humanity. Not feeling so above or beneath a persons [self proclaimed] status to just talk. It was during this trip, during this lunch hour at the diner, when I became aware of this fact about my parents; it became the highlight of my trip. They talked with the server (who was also one of the owners) for at least an hour. We sat on that porch for what seemed like hours eating and talking to the server and later the cook (the place was very small and not very busy so they had the time). I'm sure in reality we were only there for an hour or two but it doesn't matter. The fact that we gained an experience - a true experience of what it is like to be one of the locals. Something we couldn't have ever experienced at Blue Heaven or any other tourist attraction. It opened my eyes and helped me to appreciate life and culture in an entirely different way. This was the beginning of my new outlook on travel. And so it begins...

Jan 25, 2013

Wanderlust // iDream iTravel Giveaway!

What does travel mean to you? For me it means education. Expanding my horizons and being exposed to different cultures, ideas, and environments! As a photographer I am a very visual person and literally being able to see people, places, and things that I don't normally see is fascinating and a wonderful learning experience!

'iDream iTravel' created a short video asking individuals around the most popular cities in Europe that same question, "what does travel mean to you?" iDream iTravel in conjunction with hotel.info are sponsoring an amazing competition which will give the winner 10 nights in the top European cities and €2013 to spend (a little over $2,700!!!).
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